Since I became vegan, there are few foods I have really missed, but finding out some of my favourite beers are not vegan-friendly was quite a blow. I was also surprised how hard it could be to find out whether a particular beer was vegan or not.

Barnivore remains the most comprehensive source for checking whether beers are vegan-friendly, but it doesn’t tell you whether the beer is any good or not. So that’s what The Vegan Beer Blog is going to do. Review and recommend vegan-friendly beers, and let you know what we think, simple as that.

Across the top menu of the site you can find the beers we have reviewed broken down by type, strength, country of origin or brewery, so you can find beers to suit any tastes.

If you have any recommendations, comments or questions, send them my way through the contact page, or Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

A great way to sample a number of vegan beers is with the vegan brews mixed case from Honest Brew, containing 12 different vegan beers for just £30.50. (Disclaimer: If you purchase through this link, we will receive a small amount for referring you, so you’ll also be helping support the blog!)